Why I Became a Postpartum Doula

Yay my first blog post! I am excited and a little nervous all in one. It was pretty easy to decide what to write my first post about, not only did I want my readers to know a little more about me but one of the first questions I am always asked by friends, clients, etc is “Why did you want to become a Postpartum Doula?” So here is my WHY!

To start, family is super important to me. I am beyond blessed with an amazingly supportive husband. We have been together eleven years and truly operate as a team. I have a warm and loving family and extended family that I enjoy spending time with. When we found out we were pregnant with our first child we were overjoyed, and so was our family. She was the first grandchild on both sides, so to say she was adored is an understatement. We were so lucky, and surrounded by so much love. However, I experienced medical complications after my daughter’s birth that made things difficult. Even with all the support we had, I remember struggling at times. I assumed this was a normal part of the transition and just par for the course. Eventually things got better and we were excited to grow our family. After my second child, I had a different medical complication. I suffered from a postdural puncture headache which left me bedridden the majority of the day for weeks. Luckily my husband was able to take time off work and we had family to help during this stressful time. I was so grateful for the help we had, but I couldn’t help but think “what would someone else do?” The thought of so many women experiencing difficulties in the postpartum period kept popping up in the back of my mind.


As things improved a desire was awoken in me to help families navigate this challenging time. I decided I wanted to be a “mother’s helper” and started to research ways to do so. It was then that I came across the duties of a Postpartum Doula and I was in complete awe. I had only known of the amazing work Doulas do supporting women through labour and childbirth. After doing some research I became more fascinated and determined to follow my calling. I joined a new mom group called “Mindfulness for Mommies” as I wanted to have something special for my son and I to do together, and was looking for support from other moms navigating similar challenges. I didn’t realize until after I signed up that the group was actually facilitated by a Doula. Joining this group changed my life. It set fire to the yearning in me to help nurture new moms. Not only was the Doula one of the most inspiring women I have had the pleasure of knowing, but so were many of the other women in the group. Sharing experiences and realizing that we were all going through the same struggles was immensely helpful for all of the moms in the group. I was amazed watching the beauty of each of these women as they grew as mothers along with their babies. I knew this is what I wanted to do. Along this path I completed my Postpartum Doula training and now offer “Fackelmann Family Services” to help service my community. I feel honoured to be welcomed into homes after the arrival of their baby. I feel privileged to help families during such a vulnerable time. I truly enjoy supporting each family I have worked with and I continue to learn and grow in the process!

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  1. Well said! (And you said you’re not a writer!). Best of luck to you on this adventure. A mom would be lucky to have u on her team post partum.

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