Is more really better?

This popped into my mind the other day and I wanted to share my thoughts. First lets rewind a little to the Spring when the Easter Bunny brought my daughter Aria a “Spirit Riding Free” t-shirt. It is a show on Netflix she loves. She was ridiculously excited when she got it. Totally over the moon about it. After seeing her reaction I immediately thought I should check Walmart next time I am there to see if they have any other Spirit shirts. The moment passed and naturally I forgot about it like 90% of the things on my to-do list. Fast forward a few months to yesterday when I came across this shirt while I was folding laundry and I was reminded of how happy she is everytime she picks it out in the morning. BAM! It hit me and I felt immediately compelled to jump onto the internet and find her some more Spirit shirts! Luckily I was in a mindful enough mood to pause and evaluate why I had this yearning to buy more. I feel like it is so ingrained into our heads that more is better. When someone likes something you should get them more of the thing they like. We are taught it as fundamentally as we are taught 1+1=2.

Your child likes Dora? Well get them this Dora playset! And this one! And they will love this one too! The more to play with the more fun they will have!

Your Aunt likes cows? Get her this towel with cows! And these figurine cows! These gloves with cows! This cow necklace! And everything you can possibly find with a cow on it, the more cows she has the happier she will be!

Your friend is having a baby? They will need ALL the baby stuff! Hundreds of baby outfits, they will look so cute in all the baby outfits. Plus every accessory, all of these items are essential when you have a baby.

What if we stopped to think about WHY we are purchasing these items. Is it because we need them or want them? Make sure you really question if you actually NEED them. Do they add value to our lives? Are they beautiful or useful? I’ve learned a bit about Minimalism and have found myself putting much more consideration into my purchases.

I think being mindful of not just our purchases but the items we surround ourself with is incredibly important. Deep down I realized that Aria’s Spirit shirt is special to her, partially BECAUSE it is her only Spirit t-shirt. If she had more of them she would value each of them less. So I figured out, that by giving my daughter less, I am actually giving her more.

How is that for a laundry folding session realization?

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